Frequently Asked Questions

Water is essential for wellbeing, energy, regulating body functions, maintaining productivity plus much more. It is one of the easiest health fixes you can solve is by “staying hydrated”.

When considering a classic water cooler the Inline cooler is always the first option. Inline Cooler is connected to mains water supply for continuous uninterrupted water whilst Bottle Cooler is feed by a 15-litre water bottle. The bottle can be refillable via benchtop tubing or prefiltered purchase bottled. Ask about our water options.

If for location reasons you are not near a mains feed or your water is not safe to drink then a Bottle cooler will provide 15 Litres of chilled water at these sites.


A Plumbed-in Cooler comes in a Bottle Filler/Fountain or combination of both. Free Standing pressure coolers also available. Pressure coolers are the way of the future!

A plumbed-in/bottle filler cooler will deliver volumes of filtered chilled water to large groups like warehouses, corporate offices, gathering places, schools and fitness sites. As more people move away from plastic cups and bottles, the use of refillable bottles has increased. Bottle Filler stations are the way of the future.

All Aqua coolers/fountains are feed via a filtered mains water supply. All bottle fed coolers are either refilled via a benchtop filtration unit or purchased ready to use prefiltered water or purchase 15-litre water bottles.

Aqua have a competitive and fair rental schedule for our cooler/fountain range. All our rental options include annual servicing and filter replacement. Please contact to arrange an assessment for the best hydration option for you.

All cooler and fountain products are able to be purchased. Please contact Aqua to arrange installation either with your own preferred plumber or one of our nationwide Aqua technicians.

Aqua Hydration has a service contract to provide recommended service as per international guidelines and manage a recall system to track when the service is due and we will contact you to book in. All water stations require servicing and the timing is dependant on the type of water cooler you have.



Aqua is committed to reducing plastic use and we promote “Refill not Landfil”. The use of reusable bottles has changed the way we use a water cooler and this is where the pressure Bottle Filler comes into its own. The Bottle Fillers are able to cope with large volumes of water being used and it will recover quickly. This is the way of the future!

Please click on this link to take you to our Aqua Filter webpage for further information.

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