Water is vital to every business as it is necessary fuel for your workforce.
Well- hydrated employees are more productive. They are more focused, suffer less fatigue, and get more done.

Poor hydration, regularly suffered by workers, can cause energy-sapping symptoms like headaches and dizziness and can send productivity plummeting.

Proper hydration matters for your workforce. So an investment in plentiful fresh drinking water is an investment in your bottom line.

Sustainability goals are now a fact of corporate life, as companies strive to become better stewards of the environment and its precious resources. There are major financial incentives, too. Thoughtful use of utilities is almost always a significant part of these goals, but water often gets overlooked.

When planning and incorporating initiatives into your workplace, sensitive water efficiency, usage and accessibility are necessary components of a sustainable and holistic view.

Join the Mission.

As part of our commitment to being “Green at Heart” AQUA is on a MISSION to convert every home, school, business and workplace across New Zealand away from plastic bottles and towards RE-USABLE and RE-FILLABLE bottles.

It's time to “Ditch the Plastic” & Order Your Bottles Today!

Enquire today about how you can have your company logo added and join us on the “Mission” to a more sustainable future.


REDUCE landfill + HELP a great charity!

By joining the mission and with every bottle purchased $1 will go towards the wonderful work Kidney Kids NZ is doing to support the children and their families affected by Kidney Disease.

Your contribution will help raise awareness and provide more education around Kidney Disease and the essential part of water and hydration has to play in providing better health outcomes. We hope you can join the mission to “GO GREEN” AND support a great charity!

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