Green Filter Systems

Green Filter Systems

Oasis Green Filter Quarter Turn

Eco-friendly. Economical. Easy to Use.

The Green Filter® is a revolutionary new type of drinking water filter —simple to install, easy on the budget and especially friendly to the environment. Developed by Oasis International, a global leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of clean drinking water systems, the Green Filter® offers deliciously clean water without the waste and cost of typical filtration systems. Simply re-use the outer filter housing and replace the biodegradable interior filter media — it’s no wonder the Green Filter® is fast becoming the “clear” choice for drinking water filtration.

Clean, Safe, Delicious Drinking Water for the Office.

Although the EPA sets standards for safe drinking water, most water has been significantly treated at a water treatment facility. Yet even with those standards in place, tap water can contain many elements that have nothing to do with H2O, including traces of lead, arsenic, radon, chlorine, fluoride, bacteria and parasites. Fortunately, there is something you can do to “tap” into clean, safe delicious water.

Filtration as Usual

Water filtration removes impurities and contaminants that may enter the water supply during transport. It removes byproducts of disinfection that may add taste and odor, and provides an additional safeguard to ensure the best quality drinking water. However, typical plastic filters come at a very high price. Over 6 million plastic filters are disposed of each year, creating in excess of 1.1 thousand tons of non-biodegradable plastic waste; with 1.2 million kilowatts of energy expended to produce new plastic filters. The cost to the consumer is equally daunting, as they must be replaced every few months.

Filtration Perfected!

The Green Filter offers an affordable, environmentally sound alternative. Compared to other filteration products, the outer housing is reusable and stays intact, with only the inside biodegradable filter media changed as needed. The consumer saves a significant amount of money and minimizes the impact on the environment. But these are no ordinary filter media. Select the filter media best suited for your needs, and in cases where more advanced filtration is desired, combine as many as two filter media for superior filtration and water quality.

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